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Tools For Composing

You can use the tools listed below to publish or create assets for the projects you are working on. These site recommendations come with the following warnings:

  • These sites were free or had free options when I posted them. That may have changed. I don’t expect you to pay for the tools, so choose another one if you find one requires a paid login now.
  • Check for watermarks and other limitations. Some sites limit your use of their tools by adding giant watermarks over your content or only allowing you to save a few pages or images. Check the Terms of Service for the tool, and try saving some work to make sure the tool will allow you to publish professional work.


WeeblyWixGoogle SitesWordPress @ VT,

These tools allow you to create an online book, magazine, brochure, or catalog. They usually require that you upload a PDF.



Infogr.amPiktochartEasel.lyCanva (help: Infographics tutorials)

Photo Editing

Google Photo EditorPicMonkeyCanva


Prezi (help: Prezi Essential Training)

Tools to Create Fake Content
These tools allow you if you need to fake social media updates, just don’t use them to prank people. Resources

Look for support for the tools you are using on the site, which is free with your login. These tutorial collections may help you with your project. If you don’t see what you need here, search the site: