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Assignments for Business & Technical Writing

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documents that tell a specific reader something, like letters, memos, and email messages


Design & Visuals

documents that focus on visual design, using a combination of words and images to communicate, such as infographics, posters, and data visualization


Documentation & Instructions

documents that explain how to use something or how to do something, such as manuals, specifications, README files, user guides, procedures, and directions


Job Application Materials

documents created as part of a job search, such as resumes, cover letters, and online portfolios


Online Content

documents that are born digital and intended only to be used online, such as webpages, videos, and social media posts


Presentations & Meetings

documents that relate to presenting information to an internal or external audience in order to update, sell, or whatever, such as agendas, minutes, and slideshows


Public Relations

documents that promote the best interests of an organization to the public, stakeholders, and employees, such as company newsletters and press releases


Research Documents

documents that report data and findings from primary and/or secondary research, such as literature reviews, feasibility studies, benchmarking charts, lab reports, and investigative reports


Sales & Proposals

documents that focus on persuading the reader to buy something or do something, such as sales brochures, sales letters, estimates, proposals, and recommendation reports


Updates & Reports

documents that provide information about the status of something, such as bug reports, security updates, recall notices, safety updates, construction updates, trip reports, progress reports, and completion reports